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Purpose Platform

Match your employees to their perfect nonprofit. Streamline and manage your workplace giving programs. Measure, track, and see the impact they make. All in one place.

Matching Employee to a Non-profit

Why MeaningfulWork?

One Stop Platform

One-stop Purpose Platform

Manage volunteer opportunities, run campaigns, and connect with aligned community partners, with just a click. Our intuitive dashboard allows you full control over your giving, and works with you to align your business with your purpose. Giving back has never been easier.

Tailored Volunteer Opportunities

Discover meaningful opportunities for your employees to engage in. Meaningful Match lets your employees quickly match and apply to the most relevant nonprofits and volunteer opportunities, based on their skills, talents, and purpose. Grow and develop their skillset, and build teamwork through team volunteering and nonprofit projects.

Tailored Opportunities
Tracking Impact

Deeper Insights on Impact

Measure, track, and create reports of your impact. Learn more about your giving program’s ROI — allowing you to easily set goals, track progress, measure results, and share it all with your stakeholders. Strengthen your brand with captivating local impact stories. The impact data you need, when you need it

A Better Workplace

Your company's biggest assets are the talent of each individual within it. Nurture and develop their talents and teamwork through skill-based volunteer projects. Creating community (and company) champions in the process. Bolster employee engagement, fulfillment, productivity and loyalty. Improve your work culture to reduce turnover, increase retention, and improve your bottom line. 

A Better Workplace

Ready to Mobilize your Talent for Impact?

Who is MeaningfulWork for?

Human Resources

It’s for the Human Resources manager that cares about employee engagement, company culture, and wants to replace busy-work with purposeful work.


It’s for the Sustainability leader that lives and breathes purpose, ensures that business values and social values stay aligned, and wants a better way to report on impact.

Marketing & PR

It’s for the Marketing visionary that cares about employer branding, measuring and celebrating success, and sharing those stories with those who matter most.


It’s for any employee that craves more fulfillment in the work they do. And wants to grow and develop their talents by working with nonprofits on a cause they resonate with.

Nonprofit Partner Success Stories

How to make a Bigger Impact

Let’s Talk Impact

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